Regina Schütz Schriftzug
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Silberfluss - Jewellery and Sculptures by Regina Schütz

Regina Schütz immerses herself with loving devotion in the exciting depths of her materials, which have to go through water and fire for her to catch it and guide it into a new world full of secrets and poetry. She commands the elementary powers, not with violent force, but with the magic of a creative transformation.

Regina Schütz draws abstract forms on raw fabrics and sews them together. The silver is melted in crucibles, then at the right moment, poured into the fabric shells.

It is received by a pool of water, where it sets in unpredictable shapes. The silver has a life of its own. And from that life comes soft, bizarre, absurd and surprising forms.


Das Glättende Ringe und Armreif
Matahari Dalam
Bunga Bulan
Di Sini Sanudra
Wadah Hidup
Ibu Garis
Love Air